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                       The Sun, as supreme among the celestial bodies visible to the astronomers of antiquity, was assigned to the highest of the Gods and became symbolic of the supreme authority of the Creator himself. At SunKeeper Solutions we are leaders in Everglades Education and Environmental Restoration. We specialize in implementing Artistic solutions to solve problems plauging our community. At a loss of 30,000 species per year we are at a critical point in Humanities timeline thus our Mission has become to reverse the rate of dying animals and contribute to the bounce back of all Marine, Plant and Animal life before it is to late. We preach the doctrine of Preservation, Restoration and Conservation not just for us but for our future descendants that deserve a Healthy planet, so let us fall back in Love with the World so we can witness Nature thrive once again.


             "It is easier to flush toxins from the river valleys than to remove toxic ideas that cause them from human minds. In the order of healing, It is human consciousness that must first change."
                                                                                                        - Ken Cary

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