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      Below you will find hyper links with information on Native Plants and animals as well pictures, guide books and a list of nurseries to help you bring out the Native plant expert in you.



Reclaim the Land

We need your help we need folks to pay attention get involved any way you can!
Get back in touch with the Plant Kingdom put the right Plants and Trees back in the ground and more importantly spread the word this is how we make the World beautiful again! 

We urge the Industries, the Cities and Municipalities to update your practices not only are Native plants the sensible, sustainable way to go they save WATER they save
Endangered Species they save Money and more importantly 


Florida-Friendly Landscaping is the Law!

Below you will find an arsenal of Information on Native Plants, Pollinators, Birds, and the tools you need to begin transforming your Environment.

Love the Everglades Movement has also been working closely with our friends

at Urban Habitat 
-- creating spaces for these Endangered species to thrive once more.  One of the areas where we need your help is to continue transforming lands and re-create Native habitats -- so we can see the animals return once again. 

Take a walk thru a Restored Native Habitat

Please check out, share and injoy this amazing photo gallery created by Susan Ford Collinscapturing Natures return, Highlighting some of Urban Habitats designs.

To the Photo Gallery!!







Go Native! Hazlo Nativo!
A Spanish and English photo guide book to choosing eco-friendly South Florida native plants over commonly found invasive exotics. 


    We find it counter productive that we have hundreds of Nurseries in South Florida and yet we only have a handful of places to get Native Plants as a community we can be doing a lot better job.  The availability just isn't there.  So a big part of the work is to create the Demand and educate Floridians on the great Importance and beauty of Native Species.

Invasive plants and animals have become a threat World wide and re-introducing Native species is a Truth that is applicable across the Globe.

If we in South Florida honesty expect to continue living here then we must spearhead a wave of Native Plant awareness but more so practice! Let us employ the right trees for Remediation and flood control, Let us combat run away pest by bringing back Bio-Diversity,  Let us feed the birds and pollinators and employ them to spread the Native seed and provide habitat once more!

Below you will find many helpful links and resources regarding Native plants also a list of a few Nurseries that have plants available for sale, and you can always contact us here at LTEM and together we can work towards Environmental solutions.

Native Plant Resources

Florida Native Plant society 

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

North American Butterfly Association  


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